We can repaint any of your motorcycle parts from a single toolbox lid to a complete bike! We use a variety of paint finishes according to customer’s preference or suitability for different components. Normal finishes for motorcycle parts are:

  1. Stove Enamel
  2. Powder Coating
  3. 2-pack

We grit blast all components to bare metal before priming, filling where necessary, and then applying the surface finishes. Frames and associated parts are usually finished with either stove enamel or powder coating. Items such as petrol tanks, tool boxes and mudguards will normally be finished with 2-pack and lacquer to give a high gloss result.

Specimen Prices

Bare frame & swing arm in powder £180
Bare frame & swing arm in 2-pack £235
Petrol tank in single colour & 2 panel lines (2-pack) £325
Petrol tank in two colour & 2 panel lines (2-pack) £440

Please note that repairs and filling work will increase the cost of jobs