Gold Star Dating Certificates

Here at Saddleworth Classic Motorcycles, we are able to provide a unique dating service for any Gold Star or Rocket Gold Star manufactured by BSA. The service, which extends even to dating an isolated engine or frame, covers all Rocket Gold Stars manufactured during 1962 and 1963, and every model of Gold Star from the 1938/39 M24 models right through the post-war models ZB, BB, CB, DB and DBD in all capacities.

Numbered certificates are issued and confirm the exact age of the frame and engine, and also whether the frame and engine were an original pairing in production. All details are confirmed from original BSA factory records.

The cost of the service is £45 per certificate inclusive of UK postage. Applicants should send debit card details to Saddleworth Classic Motorcycles or email to the address on the Contacts page. Overseas customers should provide debit card details for the charge of £50 including postage.