Tyres & Wheels


Some of the more popular types and sizes of tyres we sell are listed below.

SizeTypeFront/RearPrice (£)
325x17Avon Speedmaster F 85
325x17Avon SM R 80
400x18Avon SM MK2 R 82
300x19Avon Speedmaster F 62
325x19Avon Speedmaster F 64
350x19Avon SM MK2 R 69
350x19Avon S/Car Triple Duty U 69
300x20Avon Speedmaster F 85
300x21Avon Speedmaster F 68
410x18Dunlop TT100 U 94
425/85x18Dunlop TT100 R 108
360x19Dunlop TT100 U 92
410x19Dunlop TT100 U 94

Top quality tubes for tyres above£12.00 each
Rim tapes£2.00 each
Tyre levers£5.00 each
UK Postage Per Tyre£12 each
Overseas PostagePhone/E-mail for details

Please note that we stock many more types and sizes of tyres than are listed here. Please Phone or E-mail for details and prices of others. We can supply most tyres currently manufactured, from beaded edged to the latest superbike tyres, at highly competitive prices. Please contact us for a quote.

Tyres are despatched the same day whenever possible and standard carriage is 2-3 working days